Gas is expensive. Whether it is gas for your car or gas to use Ethereum, demand is currently very high. These prices have caused fledgling crypto participants to have problems interacting with the system. With this issue, the users are being priced out of Ethereum, causing them to move to other avenues for DeFi, such as Solana and Binance smart chain.

This war between chains has become a significant discussion point as users onboard to other platforms offering PoS (proof of stake) systems with less decentralization because of Ethereum’s growing pains. …

After reading the infamous article from The Wall Street Journal, “ Why Software Is Eating The World.” by Marc Andreessen, I thought about what the next step in innovation would look like. Has it reached the pinnacle? or is this just the tip of the iceberg?

Andreessen’s article is now a decade old, written in 2011, and the amount of growth from these sectors was almost prophetic. Describing the future of industries and how daily internet users would reach 5 billion in a decade- the actual number is 4.72 billion- makes you wonder if this guy came from the future.

One of the most significant growth sectors in blockchain over the last two years has been decentralized finance. This growth has shown investors different options besides getting sub-par returns from traditional finance and allowing your money to work for you through lending. The usual outcome of these scenarios is with greater reward comes more risk. Still, the value in this particular situation comes from a lack of participants as the barrier of entry is high due to technical know-how.

We have covered aspects of these smart contracts by discussing how you can lend your digital currencies with Compound and other…

With the news that Wyoming is extending corporate law to include decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), it’s essential to understand the inner workings of DAOs. This new business structure replaces traditional, hierarchical, and centrally governed companies with an entirely new concept.

So what is this new concept?

A DAO or decentralized autonomous organization is a new way for people with shared goals to organize democratically with software assistance.

Wherever there are human interactions, there must be some form of rules to govern their actions. This helps to either incentivize the right actions — reward or deter evil acts — penalty. Typically…

Expansion of Programmable Money

It’s all the rage. Non-Fungible Tokens, more commonly known as ‘NFTs’. Do they offer value? Of course. Are they here to stay? Absolutely.

There are a multitude of sectors ripe for the picking and the first one gaining traction is digital art. While I personally think the trend is borderline mania, it also solidifies the coming wave of digitalization. The conversion of everyday items into a digital version allows many sectors to advance the methods of record keeping and digital storage.

The whole ecosystem began with the advancement of money. An algorithmically secured ledger that can…

You want to send someone 100 dollars. While you click a few buttons and away your transaction goes, behind the scenes there is a detailed orchestra that allows that to happen. In the world of digital assets this is called a proof and is the most fundamental mechanism in all blockchain systems. It is a way to publicly prove that your transactions will be added to the ledger.

Before blockchain you had to rely on two parties, your bank and the recipient’s bank, to give your hundred dollars to the intended person. Since this takes manpower and time, 3rd parties…

If you need more background on the current state of monetary supply happening around the globe check out my previous article about this topic here.

With the passage of the next stimulus coming any day, Let’s look at a breakdown of the funds.

Since March 2020, we have printed 4.507 trillion dollars. This amount of money is beyond comprehension, but let’s attempt to understand it. If we split the COVID-19 stimulus spending into a yearly salary you would be printing 514.5 Million dollars per hour. …

If you are interested in general background information before investing, take a look back at previous articles found here.

So you decided to take a small amount of money that you can live without and begin investing in cryptocurrencies. Now picture yourself setting this money on fire.

You should not invest money you can’t afford to lose and with all investments you should do your own due diligence and thorough research.

The goal of buying these assets is the potential for large long term growth. While many factors are driving the demand for digital assets, currently the main reason is…

There are many differences between traditional investment vehicles and digital assets, but one aspect I see most beginners fail to grasp is the understanding of supply and market capitalization. The only changes that an investor has to worry about in traditional finances are adjustments to monetary policy done by the governing body of that asset or commodity. With the development of Blockchain systems, governments are not the only entities that can affect economies. This allows for each token to have an individual economy and because of this we have to treat each token completely different. With the purpose of explaining…

The main takeaway from the previous Crypto Crier was that our current monetary system is poised for unprecedented hyperinflation.

This is causing an influx of investors looking for assets to protect them for potential drastic increases in supply. While we explained how blockchain systems innovate traditional finance; the vehicles of change are cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies use the blockchain consensus system to verify all transactions that happen on the network. This means that anyone who wants to participate relies on a global collection of computers to record and store all monetary transactions. This collection of computers makes a decentralized network.

Before we…

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